Wednesday, December 05, 2007

O.K. So I didn't keep up with this blog like I thought I would! I discovered Myspace and I've been spending all my time there! LOL!! I thought I might make up for some lost time now! I have a cute Thanksgiving layout and some fun Christmas cards to post, so I hope you enjoy them! I used the same stamp set for these three cards! I used the snowflakes to make the wreath, and to make the peppermints! I put a window charm over the big peppermint and wrapped it in cellophane to make it look real. For the words on the peppermint card I used another set and stamped it in cranberry then used a write 'n' rub pen to trace the words. When it dried I rubbed glitter over the words to make them sparkle! For the berries on the wreath I used our sparkles, they're self adhesive so that really helps! I'm hoping to keep up a little bit better with my blog now! Hopefully I will!

The last couple of weeks have been spent decorating my apartment and my Mom's house! My Mom had shoulder surgery Nov 2nd and is still having a lot of pain and not much movement in her shoulder. So, since I haven't been working because of my back, I went over to help her. I slept over night for 2 nights! It took a long time to get done with both of us having handicaps! We joke that together we make a whole person since she can do things I can't and I can do things she can't! Anyway, it was REALLY fun and I finally got both of our homes done! Now I'm going to work on making a 2 page Christmas layout and making more Christmas cards so I can send them out! It is a BUSY time of year! I hope everyone will enjoy this holiday season!

Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm sorry I haven't posted here for a while. I haven't been feeling well. I had a cortizone Epidural injection a week ago Wed and I've had a horrible reaction to it. I've been in a lot of pain all over my body and had low grade fevers. I ended up in the ER last Sat. and had an MRI on Tues and they still don't know what is wrong with me. I am hoping it is just a bad reaction and will eventually get better. I am on strong medication which makes it hard for me to type and to think straight, so, until I feel a bit better I probably won't post for a while. The cards in this post were made before I got the injection. The bottom one is what I made for my mom for Mother's day. Hope you are all doing well! If you have any comments they are welcome.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

These are the cards I made for my Customer Appreciation Day. I used CTMH paper called "Lets Get Together" I love it! I think it is such fun, summer paper! I used it in the layout I did in my last post also, the one about Shantelle. Speaking of that layout, I never intended to let anyone else make it. It was just for show, I really went all out on it and tried some new techniques, it was A LOT of work. So, of course my mom and sister saw it and REALLY wanted to make it in our club. I knew how much work it would be for me to get everything cut and ready for them and I knew how much work it would be for them to put it together, but, I caved in and told them they could make it. So, the night before the club, I pulled an all nighter, I was up 'till 6 a.m. cutting paper, and getting all the ribbons, sassy strands, waxy flax, and accessories all ready in their own little envelopes. Last night was the club night and I gave them their little envelopes and their paper and let them get started. Now, you have to know that any time me, my mom and my sister get together, craziness ensues! We have so much fun together and we always make each other laugh hysterically! (did I spell that right?) Anyway, they both open their carefully put together envelopes and immediately, there are ribbons all over the table, mixed together, on the floor, everywhere! I swear it was like they just threw it in the air and let it fall where it may! But I know they didn't, they just get talking (or cackling as Adrian calls it!) and they are sharing stamps and inks and stuff gets shifted around! So my mom couldn't find half her stuff and my sister couldn't find some of hers. Meanwhile all three of us are talking a mile a minute and they are asking me one question after another as fast as they can! My mom, who HAD to make this page, was complaining the whole time about how hard it was! HELLO! I knew this! Anyway, it was so much fun! We were laughing about which "F words" my mom should use from the Alphabet Solo F stamp set for her layout! Usually, the club lasts 2 hours, last night it lasted for 3! When it's all said and done, the chaos with the supplies, the talking, the questions, all of it, made some really good memories and it was so worth all the work to have that time with my mom and sister. I love them so much and they are such a blessing in my life. My mom wrote a poem about her mom and sister, and me, my sister and her. The last line says,

"Me, Jenny and Heather
We are great together just us three,
A mother and two daughters
How much greater could life be?"

I think it is so true! It is so fun to have 2 women in your life who understand you and your past, who love the same things you do, who have the same taste in clothes and food and home decor, who are there for you when you are going through hard times and who can make you laugh until you cry! Love you guys!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Well, here it is, week 2 since I've been "blogging" and here is another page! I'm keeping up pretty good I think! I made this page to display at my Customer Appreciation Day I had last week! I had people come and make a card for free and I had prizes and food! It was really fun! This page is devoted to my niece Shantelle. She is the oldest of my nieces and nephews. She will be 6 in June! I can't believe it! This picture is a rare one! Shantelle DOES NOT like to have her picture taken and she is pouting in most pictures! But, she was sitting across the table from her Uncle Adrian (my husband), whom she just adores, and he got her to laugh and snapped a quick picture! It was so cute, I had to blow it up and give it, it's very own page! This page was made with all Close to my Heart products of course! I used paper from the new Idea Book that isn't even available until May 1st! It's called Let's Get Together and I think it's my favorite paper in the new book! The flowers are stamps from the Delight in Everything set and the "S" and the s words are stamps from the solo "S" set. It is so fun to play with the Alphabet solos! Monograms are really in right now!
We went to St. George, UT for Easter weekend to spend time with family and friends and that is where we took this picture. We used to live in St. George and I really miss it! It was so warm and I felt so good down there. I have Fibromyalgia which causes me to ache all the time in my muscles. Lower elevations and warmer weather always make me feel so much better. But, you have to live where your work is, so here we are in SLC, UT, which is beautiful, but it is a higher elevation and it is stormy a lot. Maybe some day we'll make it back down to St. George to live! Anyway, hope you all enjoy this page and I hope it inspires you to make your own pages! If you have any questions or if you want to purchase any Close to My Heart products, you can reach me through my website,

Thursday, April 12, 2007

This is one of my favorite pages. The pictures are of my mother in law and my niece.
Happy Spring!

O.K. I'm sure people are wondering why there is this empty blog just sitting here, with absolutely no posts and 3 comments! The truth is, my husband set this blog up for me, with hopes that I would use it to post some of my scrapbook artwork. At the time I thought it was a good idea, but I kinda forgot about it until now! I just started blogging on Mrs. Toonclub and remembered that this was here! So I plan to start taking advantage of it now!

As you may have guessed I am a gal that loves to scrapbook and make cards! I even sell scrapbook products through a company called Close to My Heart. I love everything about scrapbooking! I love the papers, stickers, stamps, flowers and all manner of embellishments! I also love the challenge of designing the "perfect" card or page! It is just so much darn fun! It is a great creative outlet for me as well as a social outlet. I have a club that meets once a week where I teach other scrappers, beginners and advanced, new techniques and fun page and card layouts! So, I will start posting some of my artwork here. Feel free to offer advice or give tips! I love to learn about new techniques! Since I sell Close to My Heart, almost all the products I use are from them. They are a great company and have so many fun, cute products to use!

Just a side note, the reason I post as ms. baboon, is because my husband has a blog called Toon Baboon and I thought it would be fun to be ms. baboon! Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog from here on out! I plan to update it more often! Also, if anyone is interested in buying Close to My Heart product from me, you can go to my website at