Wednesday, December 05, 2007

O.K. So I didn't keep up with this blog like I thought I would! I discovered Myspace and I've been spending all my time there! LOL!! I thought I might make up for some lost time now! I have a cute Thanksgiving layout and some fun Christmas cards to post, so I hope you enjoy them! I used the same stamp set for these three cards! I used the snowflakes to make the wreath, and to make the peppermints! I put a window charm over the big peppermint and wrapped it in cellophane to make it look real. For the words on the peppermint card I used another set and stamped it in cranberry then used a write 'n' rub pen to trace the words. When it dried I rubbed glitter over the words to make them sparkle! For the berries on the wreath I used our sparkles, they're self adhesive so that really helps! I'm hoping to keep up a little bit better with my blog now! Hopefully I will!

The last couple of weeks have been spent decorating my apartment and my Mom's house! My Mom had shoulder surgery Nov 2nd and is still having a lot of pain and not much movement in her shoulder. So, since I haven't been working because of my back, I went over to help her. I slept over night for 2 nights! It took a long time to get done with both of us having handicaps! We joke that together we make a whole person since she can do things I can't and I can do things she can't! Anyway, it was REALLY fun and I finally got both of our homes done! Now I'm going to work on making a 2 page Christmas layout and making more Christmas cards so I can send them out! It is a BUSY time of year! I hope everyone will enjoy this holiday season!

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Heather Dixon said...

Your stuff is so cute! One day I'll be that good...probaby in 100 years or so...My favorites are the snow card and the peppermint one. The wrapper over the window charm is marvelous.