Thursday, April 12, 2007

This is one of my favorite pages. The pictures are of my mother in law and my niece.
Happy Spring!

O.K. I'm sure people are wondering why there is this empty blog just sitting here, with absolutely no posts and 3 comments! The truth is, my husband set this blog up for me, with hopes that I would use it to post some of my scrapbook artwork. At the time I thought it was a good idea, but I kinda forgot about it until now! I just started blogging on Mrs. Toonclub and remembered that this was here! So I plan to start taking advantage of it now!

As you may have guessed I am a gal that loves to scrapbook and make cards! I even sell scrapbook products through a company called Close to My Heart. I love everything about scrapbooking! I love the papers, stickers, stamps, flowers and all manner of embellishments! I also love the challenge of designing the "perfect" card or page! It is just so much darn fun! It is a great creative outlet for me as well as a social outlet. I have a club that meets once a week where I teach other scrappers, beginners and advanced, new techniques and fun page and card layouts! So, I will start posting some of my artwork here. Feel free to offer advice or give tips! I love to learn about new techniques! Since I sell Close to My Heart, almost all the products I use are from them. They are a great company and have so many fun, cute products to use!

Just a side note, the reason I post as ms. baboon, is because my husband has a blog called Toon Baboon and I thought it would be fun to be ms. baboon! Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog from here on out! I plan to update it more often! Also, if anyone is interested in buying Close to My Heart product from me, you can go to my website at


Adrian Ropp said...
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Anonymous said...


Great Page. You are a fantastic scrapbooker. I also love to scrapbook and would love to sign up for your club next time. I love CTMH products. I'm working on some pages now. Hope to see you soon. Love, LesCon Coconuts!!

Adrian Ropp said...

Jen, glad to see you have finally entered the world of blogging. I think everyone on earth now has a blog. You are very talented and I am amazed how quickly you come up with the layouts! Have a fun time with your blog, and I may just be by from time to time to give a shout out.

Aunt Marion said...

What a great idea. It's fun to see your talent. Maggie does scrapbooking, so I'm going to forward the email to her. Hope you hear from her, but she doesn't check her email very often.