Tuesday, February 02, 2010

10/03/10 This is the second page that I never posted back in February!  Just thought you'd like to see it!

Wow! Time really does fly! Those holidays hit and it's just so crazy busy you're lucky you can remember to show up for everything! I really did enjoy our holidays this year! I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. We have had some sadness mixed in there, with the passing of my sweet Aunt Joyce, our friends Eric and Haily Warrens baby, and my friend Katharine. We've gone to 3 funerals in 4 months. So, I am ready for some happiness in my life now! We are headed for St. George next weekend to hopefully get some much needed rest and relaxation! Also, we need to spend some time with my grandparents who are struggling with their health.

In other news, and happier news, I got a Cricut for Christmas!!! I am SO excited! I've been wanting one for 2 years!! Adrian finally got a good deal and caved in! It is so much fun to use! I just love it! I plan to use it often! I did manage to take a picture of a layout I did last month so I posted it here for you to see!

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