Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Summer Everyone! I know I am horrible at keeping this blog up! Sorry about that! I will try to be better as usual! lol! We just celebrated the 24th of July (which is Pioneer Day here in Utah) by going up to the park behind my parents house and watching the most awesome fireworks show around!! We love it because we can just walk from my parents backyard so there is not a parking issue! Also, the mountains are so close there that the fireworks sound REALLY loud! It is a very fun family tradition! I told my parents they can never sell that house so we can always enjoy this tradition! LOL!!

So, we FINALLY moved into our brand new Town House!!! It is so cute and so roomy! It was WAY too much work, but it was SO worth it!! I am still unpacking boxes like crazy and Adrian has set up his office in the basement and I hardly ever see him! He has a lot of projects going on right now so it is so nice for him to have a space where he can spread out! It's nice for me, because it's not all in the living room! :) I'll have to post some pics when I get it decorated the way I want it!

In scrappy news, I'm REALLY EXCITED!!!! Because Close to My Heart's Convention is next week!! My Mom and I are flying to Orlando to attend!!! I will get to see all the great new products they will be coming out with for the new Fall/Winter book! I will also get a copy of that book!! There are tons of free give aways and the make and take should be AWESOME!! There are also some really informative business classes. Then there is Extravaganza where you get to go to several 30 minute mini classes!! In these classes you get TONS of ideas about how to use all the amazing CTMH products we sell, including the new ones which is WAY exciting!! We will be staying in an amazing, gorgeous resort to boot!! Since we'll be in Orlando, we will be taking advantage of my FREE Disney pass!!  So, after convention, my Mom and I will be staying with my Uncle Bob (he lives 30 min from Disney World) and we'll be going to Disney World for a few days!!! It should be WAY fun!!! I am REALLY looking forward to it!! I will have to post some pictures of all the fun artwork I get to make and of the fun things we'll be doing!

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Summer as much as I am!!

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Does Anybody Hear Me said...

Disney is soooo hot this this of year! If you can, try going at night because the crowds thin out and it isn't so bad. Also the parks stay open later for those who stay in the Disney hotels (at least that is what I am told).
I hope you have a great time!!